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Makes you WANT to clean!

Seriously, the smell is SO clean and fresh, the product so good, you search the house to find more areas to CLEAN! I have a dog, a daughter with special needs, so I need safe products that really work, and this fits the Bill! 10 star product easily⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟

Fresh smell; Fantastic results!

Just used my oven cleaning kit for the 1st time and this is an incredible, amazing product! I have a self cleaning oven that has missed I'd say 3 cleaning cycles due to my adult daughter with autism who has been out of her day program for over a year due to coronavirus. The awful fumes from self clean ovens would be bad for her-I don't even like them. But this cleaner left a wonderful smell of eucalyptus and peppermint- did not take a Lot of elbow grease either; I'm in my sixties and had no problem, nor did it take long..I used it inside the oven, the oven door (OMG-the oven door has never been so clean)! And on the oven looks clean, it smells clean, ...IT IS CLEAN! I will never use self clean system again with those horrible fumes throughout my house. Cleaning Studio oven cleaner is the BEST EVER! What a positive experience, thank you!

Goodbye yucky oven

Our oven gets used a lot. As vegetable farmers we’re baking loads of things in the fall, winter, and spring. Our oven got to the point where there was too much build up on the bottom that it smoked and set off our fire alarm. The soft scrub cut right through, smelled amazing, and was easy on my skin. The steel brush really helps get the really stuck stuff. After about 20 minutes of scrubbing and rinsing off, our oven almost looks new. It works great and we’ll make sure not to wait to clean the oven till the oven starts the fire alarm off again.

So good!

This stuff is great. Not only did it clean my oven (quickly and thoroughly) but it also smells like the natural ingredients it consists of. No more chemical-heavy oven cleaners for me!

Amazing cleaning kit

This kit cut easily cut through so much grime in my oven. The smell was lovely and I felt safe using it around my son and dog.

Amazing product!

I use this for my cleaning business and my clients love the scent. I love knowing I can clean effectively while keeping myself and my clients safe from harsh chemicals! Will continue to use this product and thers from Cleaning Studio!

Love this product

This is the second time I’ve purchased and I am super happy with it. Best smelling cleaner ever. Highly recommend

Love this scent!

This "purify blend" scent is my all-time fav! So clean, refreshing! Great people to deal with, too!


This is my favorite hand sanitizer, and I have tried (haven’t we all?) many!! I have eczema on my hands and sometimes my skin opens because of it; this is the least irritating sanitizer that I have found. Stings a bit, but not nearly as much as other sanitizers. The rosemary/lemongrass scent is perfect for me. I love the take a few deep breaths when I spray it on my hands. Highly recommend.

Love this trio!

We have 2 new dogs at home, both starting to be house trained (I guess you know we’re im going with this).
Cleaning their mess with this products is so easy and leaves everything smelling awesome! Best part is we don’t have to worry about our dogs being close by when we’re cleaning since cleaning studio is pet friendly!
Bonus points for the branding! The bottles look so good on my kitchen counter (for easy grab). The size of the bottles is also very convenient (I even have the small version which I take with me when going out with the dogs... just in case).

I overall love these and will continue to order!

A mazing!!!

Cleans soap scum and dirt in bathtub with very little scrubing. I have arthritis and can't get on knees so I used a long handled mesh brush. Took about five minutes from start to finish. Love it

A mazing!!!

Took less than 10 mins to clean my oven door glass window which had not been cleaned in years. I have asthma and painful arthritis.
I used the oven scrub along with the All Purpose cleaner and the metallic scrubber. I took pics afterward because I was so happy.

One of a kind

These products, All Purpose cleaner, Wood and Stone cleaner and Glass cleaner are just the truly natural cleaners I was looking for. Found them in my fav store Rinse in Monroe Ga and now get the refills from Studio Cleaning online. I've now got my daughter, her neighbor and my BFF hooked. Wonderful slightly peppermint smell, not too strong.


Love the smell of this product and how light it is! It doesn’t make your hands feel sticky or gross. Great product!

I love this little diffuser. It has a very long continuous operation time given the small reservoir. It was a really nice added touch to have a complimentary oil blend included with the shipment.

exactly what I needed

This is a great size to put in your coat pocket or your bag. I like that it comes in a spray bottle as well. Everything shipped quickly and I like that there is an option to buy refills for the bottles as well.

Best green product

We have been using our “Clean Studio Hand Sanitizer” for a couple of weeks now. We bought bottles and the refill and we couldn’t be more pleased. It is the best smelling hand sanitizer and it makes you want to use it that much more. It’s also a great green option by being able to use the refill bag. I would highly recommend this product.

Green effective products

We have been using our “Clean Studio Hand Sanitizer” for a couple of weeks now. We bought bottles and the refill and we couldn’t be more pleased. It is the best smelling hand sanitizer and it makes you want to use it that much more. It’s also a great green option by being able to use the refill bag. I would highly recommend this product.

Best Product!

I really love this cleaner. Not only does it work beautifully to clean surfaces, but the all natural ingredients make it safe to use around our children and pets. And it smells amazing! I love cleaning with this product!

Terrific Cleaning Product

Never have I seen such a cleaning product that is just simply smart and wonderful to use. I was excited to use it right away as it was shipped to me so quickly! The smell is so refreshing and clean, I seriously had to force myself to put the bottle down before I ended up cleaning everything in sight lol! Will definitely be purchasing more of this in the future!

Hand Sanitizer (4oz) - Lift Blend
Incredible Product!

Upon spraying this on my hands I felt like I was really doing good for my hands. The smell, the feel & quality of this hand sanitizer is just awesome! One of the best hand sanitizer I have ever purchased!

Hand Sanitizer (4oz) - Purify Blend
More than I could ask for!!

Out of all the hand sanitizers I’ve used...THIS right here tops them ALL! My gut instinct told me to get this product and I’m so glad I did! My hands feel not only clean but also moisturized as well. I love the scent and the fact I can spray it.


All I can say is WOW..

Hand Sanitizer (4oz) - Purify Blend
I love it

Works great and the smell is lovely. Thank you for an awesome products.. :)

Lift Hand Sanitizer

I love all of Cleaning Studio’s products, but the one I love most is their hand sanitizer. Specifically, the one called “Lift”. It must be the lemongrass which gives it a citrus fragrance, it’s refreshing!
My husband and I liked it so much, we ordered some more to give as gifts.

Lift Hand Sanitizer is a must try! You’ll thank me 😊